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If you have just joined us, our Welcome page is your guide to membership benefits, discounts etc. and your member number is on your Membership Card (see link below)

Note, when renewing, the system adds 12 months to your membership on the day of your payment, if you pay early, contact and we’ll adjust your expiry date accordingly.


Keeping in Touch

  • Otherways Magazine: is published quarterly in print and digital editions. The digital issue and back issues are available to all logged in members via the member menu or shop. HEN eNews lets you know when it is available.
  • HEN eNews: We’ll subscribe you to our weekly news list. Emails contain an unsubscribe link (which doesn’t affect your membership, just the emails) and the option to change your news level to monthly or quarterly at any time.
  • Private Facebook Group: To join, email Miriam at with your membership name and number (available via the membership card link) and your facebook email address. She will trigger an invitation which will come via email, please check your spam folder.