Registration and Learning Plans

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Registration and Learning Plans

This information applies to Victoria, for interstate legal information, visit our Legal page


Victorian Home educators are required to register with:

Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)
Ph: 03 9637 2806

Registration requires an Application form (Word or PDF) together with a Learning Plan for each child.

Learning Plans

Learning plans do not have to be school-like, they don’t have to follow the curriculum and they don’t have to be age-for-grade.


There are two optional templates available:

  • Subject-based learning plan template (Word or PDF)
  • Activity-based learning plan template (Word or PDF)

You can use your own format if you prefer, but every plan must cover:

  • When education will take place (very generally, not itemised)
  • Where education will take place (very generally, not itemised)
  • Subject matter to be covered OR the skills/learning activities planned.
  • Resources planned (does not have to be exhaustive)

Sample Learning Plans

Learning plans do not need to be voluminous.

The following sample learning plans have been developed by the Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee and are acceptable to the VRQA. They cover different ages and circumstances.

The following two extra learning plans for teenagers with no specific issues would be acceptable but have not been pre-approved by the VRQA.

To register, produce your own learning plan using these as a guide.

Your Plan

Use the samples above and tips below to write your learning plan.
Members can email for feedback on their plans before submitting. Include your membership name.

Pitfalls to avoid

When a learning plan contains insufficient information, approval will be delayed until satisfactory information is supplied. These are the main areas which will trigger a request for more information:

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Tip Sheet

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  1. Charisse Venables says:

    Hi, can you please direct me to information about applying for exemptions? I’m asking on behalf of a friend whose teenage son has left school due to severe anxiety. Mother and son are both on the spectrum (but son is undiagnosed), she has been asked by VRQA to supply additional information before her application can be processed.

    Many thanks.
    Charisse Venables

    • wphen says:

      Yes Charisse, to apply for an exemption, you just include in the learning plan that you wish to apply for an exemption from [name of KLA] and why. Reasons are not limited – e.g. it could be:
      *Special needs (No medical evidence is necessary)
      *Teenager now focusing on a particular direction (just as they would do electives in school and drop the subjects not relevant)
      *Parent lacks the capacity to deliver a KLA e.g. LOTE.

      Anxiety is a very valid reason for an exemption. Just explain the situation and which KLAs he needs to be exempted from.

      And, if she needs help, we provide individual feedback on learning plans and reviews to our members so it may be worth her joining.

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